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The Boylston Rooms is always eager to welcome new members to the team!


Studies have shown that women and people of color are less likely to apply for jobs unless they believe they meet every qualification in a job description. Our top priority is adding the best people to our team. If you are interested in any of our positions, we encourage you to apply, even if you don’t believe you’re “fully qualified.”

Before you apply...


The wedding industry is known for late nights. Our events are no exception. Our work predominantly takes place on weekends with morning and afternoon set up shifts and evening event shifts. Our work is often physical in nature, whether it’s sweeping up rose petals or moving tables. 


New employees may not have encountered our shift-assignment system before: At the start of each month, we email every event staffer a form where they’ll list their availability and preferred shifts. Based on that, we divide hours as equally as possible between staff.


The Pros: You’ll never be assigned a shift that you don’t want to work. 


The Cons: The number of events varies each month, staff are scheduled as needed, meaning that you may not get as many hours as you’d like. 


We ask event staff to wear black dress pants and a polo, button down, or other semi-formal piece of clothing of their choice. You can wear whatever shoes you want, but we strongly recommend prioritizing comfort. 


We respect your right to cultural and personal expression and believe that all bodies are ‘professional.’ There are no dress code restrictions on hair styling. Likewise, we don’t require that tattoos be hidden or covered. Dress codes can be altered for religious observation or disability. All employees are welcomed and encouraged to wear noise dampening ear protection during event receptions. 

Pay Transparency

Every employee is paid, at minimum, $15 per hour. Paychecks are issued weekly. 


 We acknowledge that transportation can be a barrier to employment for many. With this in mind, applicants should be aware that evening shifts frequently end at midnight when public transit may not be running. The Boylston Rooms is located on the R41 bus route. 

Open Positions


If interested, please forward your resume and references to with the position you’re interested in listed in the email subject. If this is your first job, don’t let lack of references deter you. 

Let's Start Planning

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