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Asian couple Anna and Blaze stand in front of a concrete wall, both smiling as they look at the camera. There's some industrial flairs. Image by Undressed Moments

Image by Undressed Moments

Michael dips Erica for a dramatic couple's portrait in front of the old industrial mills. She's wearing a leather jacket. Image by Sage Orville.

Image by Sage Orville

The Booking Process

1. Schedule a tour: 

Call or email directly, use our contact form, or reach out through The Knot or Wedding Wire. 


2. Pencil in a date (optional):

We book on a first come, first serve basis, but if you’re still narrowing your choices, we can hold your preferred date for up to 7 days. If another couple requests that specific date, we will contact you and you will have 48 hours to finalize your date. 

3. Book your wedding:

You’ll be required to sign your contract and pay a minimum retainer of $1000 to secure your date. We’ll establish a payment plan that works for your specific needs. Our weddings are 6 hours long, with the exception of Button Weddings. If you have a Button Wedding, you’ll need to decide if you’re seeking a 4 or 5 hour package. 

4. Details Meeting:

6-9 months out we’ll schedule a details meeting where we’ll review the fine details of your event: decorations, processional order, table layout, etc. By the end of this meeting, your wedding day vision will feel more real than ever!

*Note, Button Weddings are often booked with less notice. Your details meeting may happen sooner in these instances.

5. Final Payment:

If you haven’t already made your final payment, it must be paid 60 days prior to your event. 


6. Rehearsal Dinner (optional):

This is a 30 minute, on-site run through to ensure that every member of the wedding party knows how and when to enter the ceremony as part of the processional. We recommend you budget an hour, though they rarely take that long. 

7. Your Event!

Congrats! You’ve made it. Sit back and relax. All the details and plans will be executed by our dedicated staff. You focus on being surrounded by your loved ones, we’ll focus on you. 


8. End of Night/Next Day:

While our staff will clean up the space, at the end of the night, you must take your gifts, cards, and guest book home with you. Couples should also bring home any custom decor that they brought with them. If there is no event the next day, you can coordinate a pick up time by the next day. 

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