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Every couple deserves to have their love celebrated.


We could fill our entire calendar with couples who all look, and love, the same. But we don’t want to. Simply saying that we reject the sexism, racism, ableism and heteronormativity that underpin the wedding industry isn’t enough. Making a space welcoming to all requires concrete actions at every level. We are taking steps to advance equity for the couples who get married here, for the vendors who work here, and for our employees who make everything run. This work is necessary and ongoing, and we will continue to build inclusive practices into our business on every level.

Our Values


  • People of any educational background are considered for employment. 

  • We’ve worked to make our dress codes more inclusive, ensuring that people can celebrate their cultural and religious identities through their hair, jewelry, and tattoos freely in the workplace.

  • We've started an annual, anonymous employee feedback survey so we can continually improve our workplace cultural and operations. 

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  • We know that the opioid epidemic has impacted many lives in many ways, including the lives of some couples and their guests. Our staff is trained to administer Narcan which is kept available onsite. 

  • Research shows that people often look to staff for guidance during emergencies. We’ve gone beyond the minimum state requirements by ensuring that every member of our team is Crowd Manager Certified so guests can be safely evacuated during an emergency. 

  • While emergencies are rare, we are prepared in the event that someone on our premises has an urgent medical need. We work hard to foster relationships with emergency first responders so that we can ensure that help arrives promptly and that guests are treated with the utmost care.

  • All of our staff are required to be CPR certified.

Charitable Giving

  • Each year, we donate a portion of our proceeds to Safe Passage, a nonprofit that provides support to survivors of domestic violence of all genders, through the Hot Chocolate Run.

  • We're currently running a sale to pay it forward, with $250 of every booking going to charity. 

  • We often discount events that are hosted by and benefit our local fire departments.

  • We offer discounts for veterans and active duty US Military.

Environmentally Conscious

The average wedding produces 400 pounds of garbage and 63 tons of carbon dioxide. We’re changing that narrative.


  • Nestled at the foot of Mount Tom in the heart of Western MA, our venue is accessible by several affordable and eco-friendly options such as by bus or train.

  • With our knowledgeable staff who will talk you through everything you need to know, you’ll be able to cut through the digital noise and avoid wasting money and resources on planning books and magazines you’ll only use once.

  • We’re currently in the process of digitizing all forms, contracts and resources.

  • Having the ceremony and reception at a single venue means reduced carbon emissions. If you want to provide your guests with snazzy local transportation to the venue, book our trolley to shuttle guests to and from the event

  • We provide numerous high-end decor options, all without adding to the landfill. You can even donate your DIY decor elements after the event and be sure they’ll be used again! Some of our favorite pieces are from past couples who wanted to pay it forward.

  • Our caterer uses real plates, silverware and cloth napkins, not disposable.

  • We maintain relationships with many local vendors, including florists who make a point of sourcing flowers from local farms.

  • Much of the Boylston Rooms is original, from the old mill floors to the white-washed brick walls. We also built our bar entirely from reclaimed materials!

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