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A historic image of the West Boylston Company mill building, captioned Superintendents Office and No. 4 Mill, Spinning. Easthampton, Massachusetts. The image is historic and in sepia.
A historic image of the Boylston Rooms; it's in sepia. It's captioned No. 5 Mill, Spinning. Easthampton MA. It shows the long side of the building with large windows, each opened at the tops. There's a tree in front and cobblestone street.

Mill History

A Crisis in West Boylston

Founded in 1814, The West Boylston Company was a large cotton textile manufacturer in the town of West Boylston, Massachusetts. At the turn of the century, the company faced a crisis: the site of their mill would be flooded to form the Wachusett Reservoir, which would create a major water source for the city of Boston. 


A New Home

Instead of abandoning the mill, the company dismantled it brick by brick and shipped it by train to its new home in the Pioneer Valley, where it was rebuilt on the banks of the Lower Mill Pond.  Between 1899-1907, the West Boylston Company built the huge complex of mills on Pleasant Street in Easthampton, MA. 


Our whitewashed brick allows you to bring your design vision to life for your event. Every brick and beam of our venue pays homage to the centuries-old mill from which it was built. From original wood floors to the panoramic windows, we’ve maintained the stunning architectural features of the former mill. And, in line with both honoring the history of the building and our continued efforts towards environmental consciousness, new additions, like our bar, are built with reclaimed materials of similar age. 

We pay homage to those who build to last. 
Come make history with us. 
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