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A pile of Polaroids of the event staff and managers.

A Big Thank You

Over the past 10 days, we have been thrilled to run our Easter Egg competition. "Easter egg" is a term used to describe messages, images or features hidden in movies and video games as a fun sneaky surprise for eagle eyed viewers. In this spirit, we made our own Easter Egg - our owner Erin, doing a little dance - and hid it on our website, moving it every day for more chances to win.

Entries are now closed.

The winner will be drawn within the next couple of days and will be contacted directly via email and announced on social media!

So Big Thanks

To You

The outpouring of engagement has been truly wonderful. Small business can only survive when a community cares about it, and we're so grateful that you continue to care about ours. We loved getting messages as you'd looked for her daily. It was heartwarming to see so many people invested!

To Erin

Small businesses are imprinted with the unmistakable stamp of their founder's vision and values. We, the staff here at The Boylston Rooms, cannot express enough gratitude that Erin is the one guiding our vision. It's her unwavering dedication to our couples and guests that makes our work here at the Boylston Rooms so immensely fulfilling. She is a brilliant business owner whose leadership has been invaluable in creating a work environment that is supportive, inclusive, and uplifting, where everyone feels valued, heard, and appreciated. She leads by example, showing us how to balance compassion and logic - prioritizing people over profits. All to say, Erin is darn good at what she does. We want to give her a person thanks for supporting our silly idea for a little contest, and for putting her own money behind this so folks could have some fun.

To Supporting Staff

Lastly, a huge shoutout to our supporting staff. Sage, Myles, and one of our favorite vendors, Crystal, who all played a crucial role in making our giveaway a success. Sage captured the images that became our dancing gif and moved that gif through the website, Myles announced the contest on social media every day, and Crystal made sure Erin looked her absolute best by doing a phenomenal job on hair and makeup. 

Contest Fun Facts!

While these stats may change as people submit their final entries, here's some fun takeaways:

  • In the past 10 days, we have had over 170 entries (and counting!)

  • 48 people entered

  • The average person found Erin 3.42 times!

  • Only one person bat a perfect game, shoot out to Jamie Lefebvre who found Erin all 10 days! Honorable mentions to Elizabeth Gitschier, Janis Luna, and Kelsie Atiyeh.

  • The most popular prize request was for an Amazon gift card, followed by Tandem Bagel, and then a donation to the Western MA Food Bank. Shout out to Michael Hinkley who found Erin multiple times and each time opted for a donation (and to everyone else who chose that option!)

Let's Start Planning

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